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The Testing Games: Know Your Odds, Know Your Options. #BeATribute – I Volunteer, Sir

The Hunger Games is one of my favorite recent series, both print and cinematic. Some of the correlations in this piece had occurred to me. Here a Florida teacher puts these correlations to the “test” and asks to volunteer.

Grassroots Mom

Here in Florida, our public school students are engaged in what I like to refer to as The Testing Games. Based upon the recent blockbuster, The Hunger Games, I have taken to making comparisons between the battlefield in the movie and the school environment that we have established for our students. The similarities are uncanny.

The obvious comparison is the idea that education is some form of competition. We know this concept is a popular one, just based upon the fact that our own US President named his education reform, The Race to the Top. In this race, states are encouraged to create education policies based on test scores. Student promotion, teacher evaluations, and school grades are all based on test scores. Funding is then tied to the student achievement. In simple terms, how well the students race decides how much money the schools get in funding.

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